Curious about Macon Pops

Who we are

The mission of Macon Pops is to bring the highest quality production and performance of popular music to a broader audience than found at traditional symphonic concerts. With the energy of a rock concert and the finesse of an orchestra, this concert series blends classical instruments with pop culture music. We showcase an orchestra of accomplished studio and symphonic musicians that encourages an interest in the musical arts for people of diverse ages and backgrounds. Macon Pops is not just a concert, it’s an event!

What comes to mind when you think of the word orchestra?

If images of expensive tuxes, tight-lipped audiences, and conservative, structured performances float through your brain, let us change your outlook.

Picture this: As Hawkins Arena is transformed into a top-shelf nightclub, patrons will be encouraged to fill the dance floor, indulge in fabulous food and drinks, and enjoy lively music all at an orchestra event.

The back story

Multi Grammy-nominated drummer and percussionist, Steve Moretti, and renowned pops conductor and Grammy-award winning arranger, Matt Catingub, go way back. In February of 2013, Moretti and Catingub were a part of a show at Cox Capitol Theatre with the Robert McDuffie Center for Strings, and the concert was so well-received by the Macon community that an idea was planted in their minds.

So, in the way that many good ideas are born, they met at Starbucks over a cup of Joe to lay the groundwork for what is now Macon Pops.

Moretti and Catingub believe that society has put a barrier around the symphony, as if it were only for sophisticated, rich, or musical folk.

As the Macon Pops board was formed, NewTown Macon and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia became the fiscal agent for the orchestra event, giving Macon Pops the oomph it needed to get off the ground. As of October 2015, Macon Pops is an independent 501(c)3.

What the future holds

Well, the possibilities are endless, really. From August to March, we have scheduled three events in a variety of locations (Hawkins Arena at Mercer University, The Grand Opera House and The Wellness Center Lawn at Middle Georgia State University) with maybe an additional surprise concert, here or there.

Our Board of Trustees

Justin Andrews
Otis Redding Foundation

Lauralen Avery
Past President, The Junior League of Macon

Dr. Bill Barnes
Piedmont Orthopaedic Surgeon

Beth Byers
Executive Director of Devolpement, Middle Georgia State University

James Caldwell
Retired Educator

Edward Eikner
Wesleyan College Faculty (Retired)

Priscilla Esser
Freelance Writer, Artist

Keith Fitzgerald
Partner, Hogue & Hogue, LLP

Cathy Garofalo
General Manager, Homewood Suites

Patrick Goff.
Attorney, Jones, Cork & Miller, LLP

Jackie Harper
Community Volunteer

Tiffany Harvey
Greater Macon Chamber-Commerce

Baxter James
Commercial Relationship Manager Vice President, American Pride Bank

Stacy Lane
Community Volunteer

Cheryl McCrory
Community Volunteer

Steve Moretti
Musician, President & CEO of Macon Pops, Inc.

Kim Schnell
Community Volunteer

Rosemary Spiegel
Community Volunteer

David Thompson
Founder, Piedmont Construction Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Macon Pops experience be like?
Picture this. As Hawkins Arena is transformed into a top-shelf nightclub, patrons will be encouraged to fill the dance floor, indulge in fabulous food and drinks, and enjoy lively music all at an orchestra event.
What about Food & Beverages?
Satisfyingly delicious food and drinks will be available for purchase at the Hawkins Arena. No picnics or picnic baskets please (You can bring the red checkered blanket if you wish, just no food or drink). However, for our outdoor concert at Middle Georgia State University, picnic baskets are allowed (with your favorite beverages, yes..alcohol included)!
Can I hoot and holler during this orchestra concert?

Absolutely. If you want to

If I want to get up and dance, can I?

Actually, we encourage dancing. We hope to see you out on the dance floor busting a move.

Who are the musicians of Macon Pops?

40 of the most talented, professional, and cool musicians from around the Southeast and across the country.

So what exactly is "Pops?"

We aren’t talking about soda here. The term pops encompasses contemporary, non-traditional orchestra music. In short, it’s awesome.

Are there any other events like this around the country?

Not really. Matt Catingub and Steve Moretti have created a unique situation in Macon that is definitely being noticed by orchestras around the country and Canada.

How will Macon Pops differ from traditional symphonies?

Generally, symphony orchestras consist of 75+, full-time musicians that perform in a traditional concert hall environment. Macon Pops has 40 talented musicians from around the country who show up on the day of the concert, rehearse, and provide an evening of unmatched musical fun. It’s less of a show and more of an event that we want our guests to feel a part of and experience the music in a unique way.

When are your next shows?

August 24, 2018 Macon Pops Goes Country!

November 16, 2018 The Songs of James Bond

November 30, 2018 Christmas Light Show Extravaganza

March 31, 2019 A Legacy of Song

Learn more about our upcoming shows!

What should I wear?

We recommend clothes. Whatever clothes you want to wear! We want you to come to Macon Pops anyway that makes you comfortable.

What is the purpose of Macon Pops?

To enrich the community of Macon and Central Georgia by providing exciting events that promote musical and cultural appreciation and awareness. And lots of other good stuff, like expanding music education by including all the schools in our community to participate in observing our rehearsal, which includes an interactive question and answer session with our Co-Founders and musicians. We are also volunteering our time going to a variety of schools, working with their music programs.

I am obsessed with Macon Pops. How can I get involved?

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The Founders

Matt Catingub

Matt Catingub

Artistic Director & Conductor

Saxophonist, Woodwind Artist, Conductor, Pianist, Vocalist, Performer, Composer, Arranger
Steve Moretti

Steve Moretti

President & CEO

Drummer, Percussionist, Producer