Welcome to Macon Pops

It's not just a concert, it's an event!

Who we are

Macon Pops is an innovative, high energy, and world class orchestra event bringing together the most talented studio and orchestral musicians from around the southeast and across the country. But this is no traditional orchestra.

If images of expensive tuxes, tight-lipped audiences, and conservative, structured performances float through your brain, let us change your outlook. 

From Bond to Southern Rock to Classical, Macon Pops has something for everyone.

Matt Catingub

Artistic Director | Conductor

“The history of music in Macon is well documented and we hope to tap into this, using it as inspiration for the future. In the coming years, we plan to bring world-class artists and unique musical events to you,  and hope that Macon Pops becomes not only one of the leading arts organizations in Georgia, but indeed the whole country. The future looks bright indeed.”

Steve Moretti

Drummer | President | CEO

“It’s our goal to break down the barriers of what people think about orchestra, that it’s a stuffy, elitist, dress-up and sit-still type of thing. At Macon Pops, we want everyone from all walks of life and interests to experience the exciting event and have an opportunity to truly appreciate world class music.”

Support Us

Macon Pops would not be possible without the incredible support of our patrons. Thank you for sharing in our vision to enrich our community by putting together unforgettable events that promote musical and cultural appreciation. Thanks to you, the sky is the limit!


the Young Patrons Society

Exclusively for fans 38 and under, the Young Patrons Society offers discounts on Macon Pops events, pre-show VIP tickets, Macon Pops swag and more!

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